Empowering the economy
If you’re looking for a physical asset management and consulting company, then look no further than SDM Asset Management and Consulting (SDM AMC). We offer a range of professional, quality services from management and consulting, to systems technology and engineering services. We are a proud Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) company, with a Quality Management System certified by BSI to be Compliant to ISO 9001-2015. Our more than 100 SDM AMC specialists are equipped to meet business needs across the African continent. As a result, we are devoted to encouraging local empowerment and providing opportunities to previously disadvantaged professionals.


Two decades of development
Established in 2000, SDM AMC has grown from a management consulting business into a nationwide end-to-end provider of physical asset management services to various sectors. Our goal is to expand beyond South Africa’s borders and into the SADC region, so as to encourage socio-economic cooperation and integration across southern Africa.


SDM Asset Management & Consulting, offers a wide range of management consulting services, which focuses on improving performance that elevates organisations to the next entrepreneurial level.

Our management consulting services for optimised business process development include:

• Asset Management (moveable, immovable, infrastructure, inventory)
• Facilities and Infrastructure
• Maintenance and Reliability Engineering
• Operations Management
• Agriculture
• Fleet Management
• Regulatory Compliance Assessment
• Training and Skills Transfer


We offer access to a team of highly experienced specialist with the necessary skill sets to ensure the job is executed effectively.

Specialist experience

Our team of experienced individuals each offers clients invaluable insights for successful delivery in every project. Consequently, our deployment policy dictates a robust mix of varying yet relevant qualifications. This approach stems from our belief in the value of diversity and skills transfer as a mainstay of productive teams.

High-level compliance

Our sought-after services are aligned with the relevant regulatory compliance standards (IFRS, GRAP, and mSCOA) and international asset management (GFMAM) frameworks. We are also proud to be an ISO 9001-accredited company. In addition, SDM boasts international asset management levels of practice with standardised project management principles (PMBOK) and ISO 9001 quality assurance. This ensures clients can expect a consistent quality of service delivery.

Our value impact

By working with SDM’s Consulting division, our team of knowledgeable professionals will analyse your business objectives and processes to create innovative and sustainable solutions that meet your strategic goals. This will enable your business to focus on improving organisational efficiency, reducing costs, and mitigating risks.

SDM, a success-driven combination

To date, SDM has effectively delivered consulting services for clients across South Africa in both the private and public sector. This includes the compilation of credible, compliant asset/inventory registers, conducted immovable asset valuations, accurately valued balance sheets, prepared financial year-end reports, and achieved positive audit outcomes for our clients.


Decrease cost. Mitigate risk. Increase performance.

Assets are commodities that hold value at the core of an organisation. They may be physical, financial, human, or intangible. In order to reap the benefits of good asset management, we will enhance the processes that surround the planning, selection, acquisition, development, utilisation, maintenance, and disposal or renewal of assets within the organisation. By enlisting our asset management services, you will receive optimum value for money and overall stakeholder satisfaction. Essentially, our focus will be to decrease the cost of asset maintenance and/or replacement through mitigating any potential risk and increasing your business performance.