Theshnee Sinan

Head: Fleet Management

Theshnee has extensive experience in several of South Africa’s largest corporates, operating in industries across financial services, insurance, healthcare and telecommunications. She has a passion for clients and people and has successfully blended these core passions into a compelling operating culture that drives exponential success for all stakeholders. Theshnee is a strong strategist, and her deep appreciation of the operational details enables her to quickly craft workable solutions to business problems and opportunities.

Theshnee has led (as Managing Director) one of South Africa’s largest fleet management entities. She has also served as President of the South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, being the first black woman leader of this respected industry body. Her career in fleet management spans 12 years, during which time she oversaw the quantum growth of the business units under her management. Her empathetic approach to clients and people has enabled her to navigate challenging, and sometimes conflicting, problems. She has successfully supported businesses and government departments meet their complex fleet needs.

Theshnee holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of South Africa and a Master’s in Business Administration degree from Bond University (Australia).