Auxilliam is a web-based application that allows you to manage fixed and physical assets during any part of the asset lifecycle – from acquisition to time of disposal, and everything in-between!

Auxilliam was developed using the latest technology and coding methodologies, its source code is locally owned and maintained. The system can be hosted on-premises and is cloud-ready. Auxilliam flexible architecture also allows for easy software customisation and seamless integration to any existing software or ERP.

Take advantage of managing your assets from the palm of your hand with our mobile-based supporting application for verification purposes. The mobile app is available on Windows Mobile and Android.

Manage assets such as:
→ Computer equipment,
→ Furniture and fittings,
→ Heritage and museum assets,
→ Vehicles,
→ Libraries, and
→ Infrastructure
The system allows you to interrogate your register using numerous reports, exports, and dashboard. The intuitive dashboard design and easy-to-use functionality will assist you in effortlessly completing your verification.

Auxilliam adheres to the following financial requirements:


Housing needs solutions


The housing needs application was developed to assist government in addressing the following:

Application for housing by the public


Vetting of the application

Tracking and audit trail of the complete process



It boasts the following functionalities:
→ Portal website used by the public where they can apply for housing.
→ Android application used by officials to assist with on- location applications.
→ Admin console (Used by officials)

✓ Secure
✓ Application tracking and monitoring
✓ Dashboards
✓ Anonymous vetting
✓ Complete audit trail
✓ Complete process transparency without data compromise.

MADT – Municipal Analytical Dashboard Tool

The Executive management at various departments and municipalities expressed a requirement for a municipal dashboard tool. The tool will be used at executive level (Provincial, District and Municipal) and is intended to serve as a MIS (Management Information System) and a DSS (Decision Support System).

The tool assists executive management in identifying and addressing critical issues relating to municipal management and service delivery. Interventions and Corrective measures outcomes are also tracked and reported on.

The purpose is to have an EARLY WARNING SYSTEM that will inform executive management well in advance of potential failures and risks.

→ The tool facilitates the collecting of critical information from existing data sources using smart technologies like data mining etc.

→ This data is processed using agreed algorithms.

→ Reporting is via dashboards, printable reports and exports.


Digitalisation of Data

Many clients still have important, critical data captured on paper (hard copy), Word, Excel or MS Access. This poses a huge risk as keeping data safe and secure, is very challenging.

SDM now offers clients the solution offering of creating custom (cloud enabled) digital databases products.

We can even assist in digitising your paper-based information.


→ Available online
→ Includes document storage
→ Dashboards
→ Data is password protected.
→ Complete audit trails
→ Role-based security
→ Locally developed and maintained