The SDM Solution

To address physical asset management challenges, training gaps, and current and potential client needs for a value-adding turnkey solution that manages physical assets and inventory, the SDM ACM Training Academy was created in 2021. Whether you are new to physical asset management, curious what it is all about or involved in the ultimate challenge of maintenance of assets, we have a solution for you.

Asset Management

Accounting for Assets



The Challenge

Our courses are designed to address the shortage of physical asset maintenance and management skills that cause down-time havoc in many sectors of everyday life. Service providers are increasingly being required to demonstrate competency against specific industry standards. Our vision is to empower physical asset custodians to maintain physical assets at such a level that down-time is non-existent.


Asset Maintenance


Internationally, the physical asset management environment is placing a high premium on maintenance. The trend leader is the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management whose collective view on the fundamentals is vested in the “39 Pillars of the Asset management Landscape” framework that together with the ISO 55000 series of standards, hold the foundation on which physical asset management rests.

Technical Empowerment

Apart from the development of course related to the 39 pillars of the Maintenance and Asset Management Landscape, the Academy has various other under development that will give clients the ultimate knowledge and skills edge to be physical asset management front-runners. The technical courses on offer cover:

  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Lean Maintenance
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

The Administrative and Financial backbones of Physical Asset Management

The maintenance of assets becomes nil and void without the administrative and financial pillars that help support the modern asset landscape. For those new to physical asset management we have developed a custom introductory course to ease you into the asset landscape. For the more advance asset manager, the Physical Asset Management course with a section on the ISO 55000 series of standards, comes highly recommended.


At the other end of the asset scenario lies Inventory. We offer an advanced Inventory Management course for those operating in a stores environment. The accounting for assets mine field is covered by our GRAP course presented under supervision of one of our Charted Accountants. SDM AMC ACADEMY appreciates your support. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information.