Facility Optimisation enables you to improve equipment, building, and operational performance by optimising resource use. An effective facility optimisation program assesses and fixes the root cause of immediate problems and also addresses energy waste. At SDM, we aim to be the first choice in end-to-end

infrastructure and resource reform management in Africa! We partner with our clients to optimise their enterprise infrastructure and resource management through managing the delicate balancing between their infrastructure and resource performance, costs, risks, and frugality. Key focus areas of our turnkey resource management programmes include infrastructure, facilities management, resource optimisation, and future fit applications

Our facilities management solution is broken down into three categories, namely strategic, operational, and specialised. With so many options to choose from, it’s no doubt that we have a management solution to suit your needs!

  • Facilities management strategy
  • Facilities management policies and procedures
  • Utility management
  • Smart Technology applications
  • SHERQ Compliance Engineering
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Hard FM services
  • Soft FM service
  • FM Smart System applications
  • Mechanical Engineering services
  • Electrical Engineering services
  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental management
  • Health and safety compliance management
  • Risk management


We focus on infrastructures relating to water, roads, electricity, non-use assets, fixed assets, as well as life cycle management.

Our service offering includes:
• Condition assessment – Grap 17 compliance, structural, electrical, mechanical & SHERQ,
• Condition assessment,
• Life cycle management and assessment,
• Utility management and optimisation,
• Bulk infrastructure management and assessment,
• Infrastructure gap analysis,
• Infrastructure optimisation strategy,
• Optimisation strategy implementation and management,
• Corporate CSI strategy development, implementation, and optimisation.

Resource Optimisation


Our resource optimisation processes and methods will enable you to match your available resources (human, natural, financial) with the needs of the organisation in order to achieve your established goals. At SDM, we understand the importance of focusing on limited resources such as natural resources, inventory, people, frugality, and land resources.

Our service offering includes:

✓ Natural resource mapping and analysis,
✓ Natural resource balancing (Internet of Things),
✓ Resource leak detection and management,
✓ Inventory management and optimisation,
✓ Human resource development,
✓ Effective budgeting creating frugalness,
✓ Land optimal use and care..

At SDM, we conduct all business and management solutions under the fundamental future fit principles of renewable energy, water conservation, natural resource re-generation, inclusive economy, people development and skills training, and no pollution and zero waste. We also run a Future Fit programme which focuses on creating a growth plan and culture within your business by responsibly using smart technology in order to create an inclusive economy for everyone.

Our Future Fit service offering includes:

  • Regional growth strategy,
  • Strategy implementation and management,
  • Inclusive economy development,
  • Zero waste,
  • Regeneration of what is,
  • Transformation lens development, implementation, and management.