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Choosing SDM Consulting as a business partner will greatly contribute towards the successful outcome of your company’s strategic direction.

Right Team

At SDM Consulting, we believe that our greatest assets are our highly motivated, dedicated and skilled human capital. We bring together highly competent, specially selected teams of people to any of our projects.

We endeavor  to deploy teams that have prior working experience in a similar environment. SDM have, over the years, built strong work teams, with over 400 members on our books who have varying experience and expertise. As a BBBEE company, the majority of our staff members draw from a previously disadvantaged background. SDM also prides itself in being an entity that gives the majority of black youth a chance in an assistance and learning role.  Some of whom are employed for the first time and  gain invaluable work experience.

Right Experience

  • Our experience and proven approach reduces risks
  • We have a track record of successful deliveries on related initiatives
  • We have experience in the managing of projects and programmes that involves the management of projects within an environment of multiple change initiatives and working with various partners and sub-contractors in the delivery of business objectives
  • We are also experienced in change management, policy development and skills transfer.

Right Approach

Our methods, tools and techniques are all proven and recognized throughout the management consulting industry.

Our flexible, staged approach will allow us to adopt an appropriate strategy to allow for the successful completion of our projects.

Our emphasis is on people and change management and will ensure the right alignment between the project sponsors and stakeholders through effective expected management and communication approaches.

We have a history of partnering with our clients to ensure a stimulating environment for the transfer of essential skills and knowledge to ensure the successful completion of projects.

Right Results

SDM is client centric and our approach is always driven by the passion to help our clients achieve improved audit outcomes, saving money and improving company efficiencies through enhanced asset management environments.

At SDM Consulting, we are committed to providing our clientele from both public and private sectors, regardless of size, with exceptional service at highly competitive rates. SDM is further committed to improving the quality of life for all who live, work or visit South Africa.  We strive towards this vision by continually taking up community projects that create employment opportunities, transfer skills and overall uplift disadvantaged communities.

Our goal is to be one of the most reputable consulting firms in this country. This, we believe, can only be achieved by offering an above average service, quality, and products, and by ensuring that our clients’ needs are met and exceeded in each and every project.