Although we are currently only based in South Africa, we foresee our reach extending beyond our country’s borders. The goal is to offer companies and government institutions in the SADC region, including the broader African continent, access to our professional services. We believe that, due to our employees’ in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the African context, we can offer unmatched insight to the region, positioning us to become a global player.

Right team

Right team

  • We actively seek and employ highly qualified specialists in their respective fields
  • Project management expertise
  • Qualified Accounting staff
  • Data processing and management staff
  • Experienced field workers

Right Experience

Our teams boast invaluable combined experience, which is useful for the successful delivery of any project. In every project, our deployment policy dictates a strong and healthy mix of various relevant qualifications and experience. We value diversity as a mainstay of productive teams.

Since its inception in the year 2000, SDM has done work exceeding R1 billion and counting.

Right Experience
Right Approaches

Right Approaches

  • International asset management best practices
  • Standardised SOPs ensure consistent great quality of delivery
  • ISO9001 business processes
  • We are an ISO certified business Download Certificate


Great Results

  • Credible and Compliant Asset/Inventory Registers
  • Accurately valued balance sheets
  • Optimised business processes
  • Accurate Financial Year-End Reports and Notes to Financial Statements
  • Audit Outcomes
Right Experience