About Us SDM Structure

With its team members’ extensive knowledge, national accreditations, and broad yet specialised experience, the industry has come to expect nothing less of SDM than exceptional service and industry-first projects.

Apart from providing both private companies and South Africa’s government institutions with first-class solutions, it also encapsulates our country’s unique spirit – to provide previously disadvantaged professionals with opportunities to overcome their past and build better futures.

Geographical footprint

SDM is a truly South African company, which is evident in its vision, operating philosophy, and employment strategy. It is hundred percent black owned and managed and over 90 percent of the all its employees are from a previously disadvantaged background.

Although it is currently based in South Africa only, SDM foresees its reach extending beyond this country’s borders. SDMs’ goal is to offer companies and government institutions in the SADC region, access to its professional services. Its’ aim to include  the broader African continent in this goal. SDM’s management believes that, due to its employees’ in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the African context, it can offer unmatched insight to the region and eventually become a global player.

SDM has a footprint in strategic locations across South Africa:

  • Eastern Cape
  • Gauteng
  • KwaZulu-Natal.